Kapolioka'ehukai (Heart of the Sea) Outrigger Canoe Club - San Diego, CA

News and Events - Our First Two Canoes!

This September included a landmark milestone for the hui. We now have our first two canoes. The next few months will be spent on maintenence and paint to make them ready for ke kai.

The following is an introduction of the canoes from David "Kawika" who was a part of the journey to bring the canoes to their new home.

Aloha Kapolioka'ehukai!

I would like to take a few minutes and introduce all of you to the newest members of our Ohana:)

Our first canoe, is named, "Hakuole". This Malia class canoe is one of the first fiberglass canoes built from the mold of the first Koa canoes brought to the mainland from Hawaii in 1959.

The canoe was named after Helen Kuuleialoha Hakuole Ching after she passed away for unknown reasons. Because of her last name of Ching, and because of some of the research I did, it is 'possible' that "Hakuole" was built by Al Ching of Lanikila OCC.(Danny Ching's father). I will research further and confirm this later.

"Hakuole" was then sold to Hokulani OCC in Lake Tahoe. Then, in 1986, Coach Sue Norman founded Kawiiulu O Tahoe OCC and purchased "Hakuole" as their first canoe.

September 19, 2011, "Hakuole" became the first canoe for Kapolioka'ehukai OCC. The translation of "Hakuole" is, "No Master".

Our second canoe is named "Paniolo". Which means, Cowboy.:). Paniolo is an 8 year old Bradley Stryker that has only belonged Dana Outrigger. The Paniolo name first belonged to a Tahitian style canoe that their founder, Whitey Harrison built in the early 80s.

Then the name was moved to another Bradley in the 90s. It was that canoe that Dana shipped to Hawaii for the 93 and 94 Molokai Hoe and they placed 3rd in both years. The "Paniolo" name was again moved to our canoe 8 years ago.

September 20, 2011, "Paniolo" became a member of the Kapolioka'ehukai OCC Ohana.

Here's to all of you as we embark on our first major milestone for our hui!!

With all my Respect and Aloha, Kawika

Mahaloz to Dana OCC and Kawai'ulu o Tahoe OCC for sharing with us the history of the canoes, and helping us achieve this exciting milestone! And special thanks to San Diego Outrigger for use of their trailer to get the canoes!